Ken developed the first true belt light in 1999.  Due to reliability and unique design, it became an instant success.  The basic design was sold in 2003.  Since then, we have added a improved version of the Crystal Springs 2000 and renamed it C II.  We also have added LED capabilities, as well as 2 other LED lights for our customers.
Blue Tick Coon Hounds
I started raising Coon Dogs in 1968, breeding them for ability and looks.  Crystal Springs hounds are all dark blue, with loud mouths, excellent noses, and tracking ability.  They've also been bred as 'Stay-Put' tree dogs.  My foundation was Mountain Music, Vaughn, and a Touch of Platte Valley English.  I have had 5 World Champion show dogs, and 2 World Champion Night Hunt dogs.  Too many wins to list.                       
Blue Tick Beagles
I started raising Beagles in 1990.  My foundation was JoJo Blue, Cordel Mountain, and The Burton Strain.
They are medium speed, excellent brush and briar dogs,
with outstanding noses, and run a very tight line. Most are all dark blue, occasionally I will get a light blue one. 
Mt. Feist
I started raising Mt. Feist in 2000.  My foundation was Cadillac Jack, owned by Ed Bates, and 3 females I purchased in Ohio and Kentucky.  I have bred for tree ability, and brindle in color, which are both running true now. 

Crystal Springs
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